Today we will talk about an important issue that worries all patients. At first you wear braces for 1.5-2 years. And then… and then you not just stay with a new and beautiful smile for life, but have to wear a transparent hat, wear it every night / do not forget / do not break / go to the doctor from time to time / and still wear retainers.

Quite difficult and a logical question arises: why all this? Wasn’t the pain of wearing braces enough to keep your teeth straight?

In fact, everything is very logical and simple. Although doctors differ on the duration of retention (treatment after braces) – some believe that teeth tend to move for life and without retention they will simply return to their previous position, some believe that active retention is enough for up to a year after treatment.

Anyway – you should know that normally our teeth MOVE. These are micromovements that take place during the masticatory load, but they can cause the teeth to move slowly and imperceptibly to pathological positions (become “curved”).

Cap (transparent) allows you to “return” the teeth at night in the position in which they were fixed braces. Therefore, you often feel a slight resistance when wearing a hat, and pain in the morning – from the movement of teeth.

Retainer (splint, this is the splinting of the teeth behind the metal elastic arch) – distributes the masticatory pressure and fixes the teeth, which after the active phase of treatment may be somewhat unstable. When worn for a long time, it also prevents the teeth from performing the full range of motion, and thus prevents them from shifting.

Your doctor will tell you more about all the nuances and duration of retention, and we remind you that we have a week of Orthodontic Health and free consultations!

We look forward to seeing you at Respect Dental! 🦷❤️