Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal part of the tooth and its roots — the pulp.


Endodontics does not have a prophylactic purpose, because all pulp diseases are neglected forms of caries. Therefore, in order not to spend a visit to the endodontist, you should carefully monitor the hygiene of your teeth and treat small carious cavities in a timely manner.


Endodontics Ivano-Frankivsk


The dentist at the Respect Dental Center works exclusively with the operating microscope at a sufficient magnification. The microscope allows seeing the smallest fissures and defects of the tooth, which cannot be seen with the unaided eye. Our work standards also include new antiseptic and mechanical treatment of root canals, according to the latest standards and protocols of endodontics.


Stages of treatment by the endodontist


The first visit to the endodontist will take you to a full examination of the teeth under the surgical microscope, taking photographs of the problem areas. Then the doctor together with you will make a treatment plan, as well as refer you to the computer tomography, without which endodontic treatment will not be adequate.


Starting from the second visit, you will start with the treatment of root canals. We want to mention that the number of visits can vary from 2 to 4, because the peculiarities of root canals do not always allow the doctor to finish treatment during the first visit. Therefore, always plan your time so that you will be able to complete your treatment from the beginning to the end.


After treatment is complete, your doctor may request a follow-up visit and CT scan in six months, if a bone defect near the diseased tooth is expected to reoccur. This CT scan is an assessment of the quality of endodontic treatment, due to which we can give a favorable prognosis.

Endodontics prices


Primary root canal treatment (1 canal) 2296 UAH
Primary root canal treatment (2 canals) 2981 UAH
Primary root canal treatment (3 canals) 3690 UAH
Primary root canal treatment (4 canals) 4223 UAH
Secondary root canal treatment (1 canal) 2981 UAH
Secondary root canal treatment (2 canals) 4920 UAH
Secondary root canal treatment (3 canals) 6396 UAH
Secondary root canal treatment (4 canals) 7913 UAH
Broken instrument removal 1050 UAH
Glass fiber post removal 600 UAH
Anker post removal 450 UAH
Simple cast post and core removal (1 canal) 1488 UAH
Simple cast post and core removal (2 canals) 1804 UAH
Simple cast post and core removal (3 canals) 2235 UAH
Temporary root canal filling with calcium hydroxide paste 246 UAH
Management of pulpal floor perforation with bifurcation involvement 992 UAH
Artificial crown removal 615 UAH
Root canal retreatment attempt without a positive outcome 619 UAH
Temporary tooth wall restoration 435 UAH
Root canal retreatment (1 canal) 1488 UAH
Root canal filling (1 canal) 992 UAH
Closing the root resorption 992 UAH
Endo surgery 6212 UAH
Soft tissue coagulation 310 UAH
Root canal filling 1925 UAH