Dental surgery is aimed at preserving the teeth completely or partly. The manipulations can be conducted urgently (fissured fracture or fracture of coronal tooth part, acute inflammatory process) or on a systematic basis (during conducting the prosthesis, impossibility to save the decayed teeth, root canal obstruction).

It is definitive therapy. At least it was considered such a therapy years ago. Nowadays all the operations are conducted with the help of high-quality anesthetic, microsurgical tools, special lens, powerful suction devices, and usage of non-traumatic methods.

We practice:

  • Reparative surgery (preparation and dental implantation, osteoplastic and soft tissue plastics);
  • Teeth extraction (of primary dentition, permanent teeth, and third molars);
  • Operations for the dental conservation (erasion of infected part of tooth, erasion of the infected root part, and aesthetic operations).

Dental Surgery Prices

Dental Surgery

Anesthesia (additional) 200 UAH
Simple tooth extraction 1272 UAH
Easy tooth removal (with suturing and hemostatic sponge) 1757 UAH
Complex tooth extraction 2360 UAH
Atypical tooth extraction 3454 UAH
Tooth socket closure with hemostatic material and suturing 544 UAH
Seving postoperative wounds with PRF-membrane 1333 UAH
Abscess draining without tooth extraction 1092 UAH
Gum flap excision above and impacted tooth of wisdom 1333 UAH
Hemisection (removal of a single root in multirooted teeth) 1454 UAH
Root apex resection(without OPM)* 3576 UAH
Osteoplastic material usage (without membrane use) 4000 UAH
Membrane augmentation (segment) 8000 UAH
Membrane augmentation (quadrant) 16000 UAH
Sinus-lifting unilateral 36000 UAH
Augmentation of the alvedar Ridge (1 segment) 44242 UAH
Frenuloplasty 4000 UAH
Removal of seams 250 UAH
Plastic bridle of the tongue 2182 UAH

Surgical periodontology

Soft tissue augmentation 8488 UAH
Vestibuloplasty-enlargement of the area of attached gums with the collection of free gum / connective tissue graft (1 sect 3-6 teeth) 10664 UAH
Soft tissue augmentation (with simultaneous implantation or stage 2) 3392 UAH
Surgical elongation of the crown, with bone resection (1-3 teeth) 8484 UAH
Surgical elongation of the crown, with bone resection (3-6 teeth) 12784 UAH
Resective patch surgery (1 sect 3-6 teeth) 10666 UAH
Closing a single recession 8485 UAH
Closing multiple recessions (1 sectarian 3-6 teeth) 12787 UAH
Regenerative periodontal surgery (1 tooth) 8485 UAH
Regenerative periodontal surgery (2-4 teeth) 12787 UAH