Dental therapy deals with the caries diagnostics and treatment, its possible complications, dental rebuilding or restoration.  You consult the doctor-therapist with the aim of initial oral examination.

What you can hear from the doctor:

  1. You have caries (yellowish spots on the dental enamel, inflammation of hard tissues, ondontolysis). The main procedures are erasion of infected tissues, disinfection, preparation with the help of air-turbine or sandblast handpiece, and polishing;
  2. You have pulpitis (complications from caries when inflammatory process covers also tooth soft tissue). The treatment lies in erasion of damaged tissues, cleaning the root canals and filling.
  3. You have periodontitis (inflammation of root part of the tooth, especially the ligament on which it is fixed). Firstly, the doctor diagnoses the periodontitis stage, makes the surgical and medicamental canal processing, installs the temporary filling, and makes tooth canal filling if the patient does not have any complaints during two weeks.

Visiting the dentist has not been accompanied by the pain long ago! We will offer warming drinks, cheer up your child, take care of comfort waiting and anaesthetize the manipulation as much as possible.


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