Dental surgery is aimed at preserving the teeth completely or partly. The manipulations can be conducted urgently (fissured fracture or fracture of coronal tooth part, acute inflammatory process) or on systematic basis (during conducting the prosthesis, impossibility to save the decayed teeth, root canal obstruction). 

It is a definitive therapy. At least it was considered such a therapy years ago. Nowadays all the operations are conducted with the help of high-quality anesthetic, microsurgical tools, special lens, powerful suction devices, and usage of non-traumatic methods.

We practice:

  • Reparative surgery (preparation and dental implantation, osteoplastics and soft tissue plastics);
  • Teeth extraction (of primary dentition, permanent teeth and third molars);
  • Operations for the dental conservation (erasion of infected part of tooth, erasion of the infected root part, and aesthetic operations).

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