Periodontitis means gums inflammation. 

The reason for this is a lack of oral hygiene, smoking, teeth malalignment, and hereditary background. The disease begins mainly with the gum inflammation.

If you notice the following symptoms, it’s high time to visit dentist:

  1. Rubor and bleeding gums
  2. Teeth sensitivity;
  3. Bad breath;
  4. Sensation of pain;
  5. Increasing of diastemas;
  6. Changes in the dentition.

This disease begins painless, that’s why it is worth diagnosing it on the early stage (preventive examination by the doctor will help you).

We start the treatment with the consulting periodontist, radiological diagnostic screening, and occupational hygiene, i.e. scaling, trainings and selection of care products for your oral cavity.

When the doctor removes tartar, teaches how to use toothbrush and dental floss, we are going to eliminate the gums inflammatory process: to do lavement, treatment with the help of antiseptic gel, laser treatment and anti-inflammatory therapy.

It is also possible to conduct a surgical treatment – removing tissues, around the tooth, infected by the inflammatory process.

Prosthesis is aimed at restoration of masticatory efficiency, reducing the pressure and, of course, aesthetics.

This is the long-term treatment, but still it is worthy of your health!


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