Orthodontic treatment allows solving the problem of malocclusion and unstraight teeth. This treatment is enough simple and effective. It can conduct during the mixed bite (at 6-12 years old) and permanent bite (at 12 and more years old).

The treatment is provided with and without permanent teeth extraction.

The orthodontics peculiarity is a combination of functionality, aesthetics, and stability.

The treatment is provided with the help of orthodontic devices, which send the information from the doctor to the patient.

A great experience of using orthodontic braces “Edgewise” guarantees the achievement of desired success.

How is the treatment conducted?

For the correction of occlusion and dental alignment we use:

  1. Orthodontic braces. There are ceramic, plastic, metal, and lingual braces. They all differ in prices and efficiency depending on each case. The treatment course lasts from several months to several years.
  2. “Invisalign” systems that are transparent invisible braces, produced with the help of 3D printer following the model of patient oral cavity. They correct the anterior dentition. This is an innovative method that guarantees aesthetics.
  3. Removable and non-removable functional devices. They are used at the early stage of disease intelligence.

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