Dental sedation (Medicated sleep)

An important aspect of modern dentistry is comfort and safety of the patient in dental chair.With regard to widespreading of dental procedure's fear (dentophobia) among children and even adults was invented variety methods of sedation (appeasement) before dental therapy. The most widespread method is medicated sleep - because of it safety for the patient's health. The essence of this method is in intravenously injection of medications for general anesthesia or inhalation of special gases (sevoflurane). After the injection (inhalation) of medications patient will sleep in two-three seconds. Patient will be sleeping during dental treatment. After medicated sleeping our patient is being under the supervision of experienced anesthesiologist within an hour or two,after that patient will be able to go to home accompanied by relatives. The peculiarity of such treatment is that it has strict indications, so not everyone can be treated under anesthesia.

Among the most common contraindications are:

  • Strong dentophobia
  • Allergy to every type of anesthetics
  • Mental disorders
  • Some congenital diseases
  • Very volumetric dental interventions.

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