Beautiful teeth are healthy teeth! There are some people who have the aesthetic teeth by nature. They very rarely have dental problems. There are also another people who remember the dentist’s room from the childhood. If you belong to the first group of people and you never lose the tooth, you do not have spaces in a row of teeth, and you are satisfied with your facial appearance, you can safely pass over this article. But if you have any hesitation, we recommend you to get acquainted with the teeth implantation process!

Implantation is the main sphere of our center’s activities. That’s why we can talk about all the details for several hours.  But the most important information is here.

Teeth implantation is a process of implantation of artificial teeth roots and prosthetic constructions. If there is any space in the row of teeth, it should be filled in.  In order not to damage the healthy teeth (during the prosthesis an artificial tooth is attached to two adjacent teeth), an oxidized implant is to be installed. This material is very strong and does not cause any negative reactions in the human body. It is placed into the bone tissue of the jaw and is a basis, on which a dental crown or other prosthesis constructions are attached.

There are several reasons for this procedure:

  1. Absence of one tooth and presence of the healthy teeth near it;
  2. Absence of grinder teeth;
  3. Many spaces in a row of teeth;
  4. Absence of all the teeth.

 During the doctor’s examination we will tell you about procedure relevance for you, the period of implant survival, its varieties and care. We will certainly make a dental X-ray in order to determine the number and the type of implants. The procedure itself is conducted under local anesthesia and is not traumatic.

Dental implants can be used for about 10, 20 or more years depending on location and proper hygiene of oral cavity. Although this procedure is considered to be expensive, it guarantees for you comfort and assurance for many years. Because you deserve it!  


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