Aesthetics is a very important thing, you say.

Of course!

But even the pretty teeth can hurt.

Doctor – endodontist is involved in root canal treatment. Any infection gets into the nerve canal and causes pain. It can also lead to the suppurative inflammation, bone destruction, and weakening of the immune system.

There are several illness reasons:

  1. Bad canal treatment;
  2. Tooth decay implications;
  3. Replacement of the crowns or fillings that border on the tooth non-hermetic;
  4. Injuries

The sensation of pain is the main reason to consult the doctor! And we will do the rest:

  1. Doctor – endodontist conducts a thorough examination, radiological diagnostic screening and computerized examination for determination of the canal length.
  2. The infection removal is a very delicate work, that’s why we use the operating microscope. It makes this process more accurate, saves photo and video materials to compare results later.
  3. After this procedure we conduct the root canal disinfection.
  4. The final stage is filling. It is very important to fill the canal completely in order to prevent recontamination.
  5. The regular examination is the compulsory component of treatment!

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