Are your children still afraid to visit the dentist? 😱 Then this post is for you! The latest dentistry offers completely painless and calm treatment for both children and adults. We offer safe and high-quality dental treatment under general anesthesia.

Medical sleep treatment

What is medicated sleep? The name of the procedure speaks for itself: while your child is being treated, he will be drowsy, so he will not feel anything, including overwhelming anxiety and panic.

Types of medicated sleep

Types of treatment are different, depending on the depth of sleep.

🔹You may be semi-conscious, waking up from time to time, especially if you need to go out or rest. This type of sleep does not require special preparation for it.

🔹There is also complete sleep or anesthesia – then you will remain completely unconscious throughout the treatment. This type of anesthesia requires special training 12 hours before the procedure and also requires you to undergo a series of tests to check your health. This is a more serious intervention.

In our clinic, we use the second type of medicated sleep. We offer dental treatment under general anesthesia for adults and children.

To ensure the safety and painlessness of the procedure, we recommend reading our article on preparation for treatment under anesthesia . In it you will learn the basic things you need to know if you are going to do a child or even yourself (!) Dental treatment under anesthesia.

We wish everyone health and good mood.