DIAGNOcam – complete caries diagnosis in Ivano-Frankivsk

Caries is a common dental disease among adolescents and children, so it`s important to use an effective method for early detection of dental caries. One of the best modern solutions is DIAGNOcam. This device uses different wavelengths of light to detect caries.

Сomplete caries diagnosis in Ivano-Frankivsk

We are glad to offer you an opportunity to detect early stages of caries and as a result, provide an effective treatment. DIAGNOcam аor the first time In Ivano-Frankivsk and region!

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How To Remove Toothache

Almost every second at least once in a life felt on itself all an unpleasant toothache. Regardless of type, whether it is aching, throbbing or acute toothache, everyone would want to get rid of it sooner. The best option in this case, of course, will be a trip to the dentist to eliminate the cause of pain. But most often it is impossible to contact a specialist right now, so you have to deal with the pain yourself. How can you effectively remove toothache?

Toothache pills

There are several options: pills against toothache or folk remedies. Both can be saved equally effectively from toothache if they are used correctly. So, for example, analgin against toothache has been used for more than one decade, but it will only be effective only with non-painful pains. Trying to strengthen his painkillers, some mistakenly use a pill analgin as a peculiar compress, putting it straight on the tooth. Note that this method is not only ineffective, but also dangerous, since the ingredients of the pill devastatingly affect the enamel.

With strong toothache it is better to use other drugs (eg Tempalgin, Nurofen, Paracetamol, Aspirin, etc.). But at the same time it is necessary to take into account the contraindications indicated in the instruction, so that instead of solving one problem, another, more serious. This point should not be ignored, because even the most popular drugs – analgesics and aspirin – when you have toothache, you can not take all.

Traditional medicines in the treatment of toothache

Note that before taking any painkiller from toothache, dentists recommend cleaning the oral cavity from the residual food, rinse thoroughly with its water. Very often the cause of the pain may be a piece of food that is stuck in the teeth, so even a normal rinse can significantly reduce the pain. By the way, many folk methods against toothache – this is just a rinse with different decoctions of herbs: calendula, mint, chamomile, sage, etc. In addition, folk medicine offers other, not less effective options: point massage, applying to sick tooth soaked in oil cloves cotton or gauze swab, etc.

It is important to understand that even when you have managed to remove toothache at home, you need to contact a specialist to find and eliminate the cause.


How to Stop Fearing a Dentist

Modern dentistry has everything in order to minimize any unpleasant sensations during treatment. But despite this, many people are still afraid of going to a dentist. What is the cause of this fear? Speaking about people of the older generation, then one should mention free Soviet medicine, dental offices, equipped with tormental dental chairs and horrific drills. But today the situation has changed, and fear has remained. We offer to talk about how to stop dying a dying person.

Why am I so afraid of the dentist?

Fear of dental treatment has a psychological nature and this problem can be solved. It is necessary to understand that it will be necessary sooner or later to treat the teeth. But the longer the delay, the problem becomes more complicated, and the process of treatment – longer and unpleasant. After all, any illness is easier to cure in the early stages, and teeth are not an exception. If you come to a doctor with a semi-destructive tooth and suffering from terrible pain, it’s almost impossible to find a painless solution to the problem.
Some people are afraid of dentists, for some reason they are sure that they will drill or remove a completely healthy tooth. But if you go to a good doctor, then this will not happen in any way. And if the need for such manipulations is still there, today there is a large number of modern anesthetic drugs that make all these operations painless. If you can not stop being afraid of a dentist because of what causes you to panic, tell the doctor. Today there is an alternative to injections – application anesthesia, due to which you will not feel anything.

Every dentist is interested in having regular patients. He will make every effort to ensure that you have only positive impressions about him. If you are convinced of his professionalism, then not only will you come to him, but advise him to his friends and acquaintances.

What helps with dental anxiety?

You will definitely be able to stop afraid of treating your teeth if you know how to choose a good dentist. Here are some basic criteria that will help you find a good specialist:

Choose a dentist for recommendations. Look at the condition of the clinic, equipment, talk with the patients.
If you are not tormented by acute toothache, then use a specialist consultation instead of starting treatment.
Find out about your problems, the cost of treatment, and possible treatment options.
A good doctor will suggest several treatment options, but will not insist on his immediate start.


Hygiene of the teeth and the Root Cavity

In dental practice, proper and regular hygiene of teeth and oral cavity is one of the most important and major preventive measures. Most of the diseases are related to the lack of hygiene, and not with any external factors. Do you want to get strong and healthy teeth, pink gums without inflammation and fresh breath? Then care for the cleanliness of the teeth and oral cavity should be in the top priority. In addition, microorganisms that live in the oral cavity cause not only dental problems, but also a number of other, for example, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, nervous disorders, and others. Total diseases caused by these microbes and bacteria, there are more than 60.

How long does it take to brush your teeth

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes. And the average patient usually spends about half a minute. As a result, many people have an obvious plaque and deposits of dental plaque. But even thorough cleaning with a toothbrush will not provide the maximum result – you need to use a dental floss and special rinse aid. Rinseers disinfect, fight bacteria, strengthen enamel and gums. The dental thread (floss) effectively cleans the gaps between the teeth from plaque and food residues. It is desirable to use it after each meal, but, in the extreme case, it is possible once a day after evening cleaning of teeth. Equally important is the irrigator – a device that removes plaque and massage the clear pulsating flow of water. It is also necessary to clear the tongue from the raid.

Professional cleaning of teeth

But still, the right hygiene does not give 100% guarantee of health. To monitor the condition of teeth and gums you must come to the dentist every six months. The expert will not only examine you, but will, if necessary, also carry out professional teeth cleaning. Professional cleaning of teeth includes dental extraction, soft plaque and pigments, polishing of the surface of the teeth and covering with fluoride varnish.

It is never too late to begin to take care of hygiene of teeth and cavities. But this should be done correctly. In our clinic, you can not only get quality stomatological services in Ivano-Frankivsk, but also a detailed consultation of the dentist-hygienist.


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